World vs. Tubers

World vs. Tubers



“Sometimes the world is too much” – Zoella



So what is metacriticism? Metacriticism is the criticism of criticism.


This is a great thing! Criticism is needed. We learn to look at the world from different perspectives, not just accepting that everything is axiomatic. We can give each other feedback about their reviews and critics, which helps us acknowledge what we did well and where we should improve.  And everyone becomes a better version of themselves and lives happily. Right?




A huge problem in the global, especially Latvian, Youtube spectrum is that the girls get made fun of, like, all the time, and boy do they take it personally.  This form of criticism is most often the bad kind- not constructive criticism, just downright mocking. Sadly, it isn’t only on Youtube. Metacriticism can also be encountered in other fields of expression, such as scientific research and any kind of art.


This is understandable, because people will always have an opinion. We were born critics.


By scrolling through the comment section, we find badly worded, grammatically incorrect insults at the person who tried so hard to produce this video. Negative most often out rules the positive, and it’s a baffling phenomenon. What’s more, the comments don’t link in with the theme of the video itself. It seems as though people just want to criticize for the sake of criticizing.


But instead of putting the Tubers in a bad light, it only shows the low intellect of the haters themselves. To be a critic, you must have an idea in mind. Your “word bank” should contain something more than just swear words. This phenomenon also results in the Tubers neglecting the comment section of their own videos, which means that they get no feedback of their work, which might make their vlogs feel futile.


Not only this, people also go out of their ways to create “funny” parody videos.


This is a loss to everyone. The bond between the vlogger and viewer weakens. Ideas cannot be shared. The vlogger might end up abandoning Youtube, which is what the haters wanted, right?


But why is there this burning hate which has to be expressed? The pessimistic people are ruining an innocent internet community. Does it really make them feel better?


To conclude, hate is inevitable. But it is also never the answer. Before writing a review, one should consider the consequences- the effect their words will have on people, because people can get hurt. We often forget that they are real people. What we see is only 10 minutes of their day, we don’t know about the hidden side of their daily lives. As Zoella spoke out, “I am a sensitive soul”. What we can learn from this is simply- to think before we post.


Maddy & Sofie signing off xx

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